Jumbo Ocean Animals

Jumbo Ocean Animals available from Play'n'Learn Learning about the wonders of the ocean couldn’t be easier, or more fun with these large sea creatures.  Rich in colour and durable these ocean animal toys help children see creatures that are wonders of the open ocean.

Perfect for having children learn new words or for having them use their imagination this set works well in and out of water.  With a variety of predator and prey creatures children can begin to grasp complex lessons about the ecosystem and the role each creature plays in life.

Animals are also great for inspiring a curiosity about nature and their responsibility in caring for the environment.

Our Jumbo Ocean Animals set includes:

  • 1 Octopus
  • 1 Whale
  • 1 Shark
  • 1 Sea Turtle
  • 1 Seal
  • 1 Dolphin

Reduced to $39.95 +GST

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