Top 3 Tips to Introduce Maths to Children

Posted by David Witty on 19/02/19 9:50 AM

Fostering an appreciation for counting at a young age, is a good introduction for toddlers to the concept of numeracy. For very young children, it is important that they have fun exploring maths through everyday activities. But how do we introduce these ideas to toddlers without pressuring them to memorise numbers and do basic math drills?

Finding Math in Everyday Situations

The Education Review Office states that a wide range of children’s daily activities can be used as an opportunity to teach mathematical knowledge and skills.

According to the Ministry of Education, adults can support young children by having a positive attitude towards maths and drawing children’s attention to shapes, patterns and maths in everyday situations. They can also teach children songs about numbers and encourage them to use mathematical ideas such as measuring and counting.

Practical Fun

kid playing with building blocksPlaying games that involve mathematical concepts help children learn maths, without them noticing that they are being instructed. Games where they can count animals or fruits can introduce them to math’s most basic concept: numbers.

Playing with mosaics and puzzles, they can practice logical reasoning, learn about shapes and fractions and the relationship of objects to each other.

By playing shop or timed games, toddlers can learn the basics of practical maths such as handling money and reading clocks.

Children are never too young to learn measuring. You can introduce them to different measuring instruments, explaining how they differ from each other and incorporating it in a game like playing scientist or carpenter.

Starting Early

Playing in a daycare centre provides a great opportunity for young children to learn the social skills all of us need. It is also a great place to begin an introduction into mathematical concepts with children playing out everyday situations. Through everyday play, children also develop important life skills such as critical thinking and being creative.

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