Why Play is Essential in Early Education

Posted by David Witty on 12/08/17 11:52 PM

Teaching children is a responsibility that we should take seriously. A child’s early education is a crucial step in showing them how important learning truly is. It is somewhat ironic then to consider that one of the best ways to learn is through play. At Play’n’Learn, we understand that a great way to get children thinking is by letting them play.

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Learning through Play

Parents and teachers used to separate playing and learning, with the former seen as a distraction to the latter. According to Discovery Time New Zealand, however, play as part of a child’s education helps improve their “social, emotional, physical and cognitive development”. Playful learning raises and encourages children to practice decision-making beyond the classroom and without the prompting of adults or older children. 

Children are often very enthusiastic about learning and playing will further boost their eagerness. Once you introduce them to learning as a fun activity, they can freely explore on their own and will often take the initiative to create their own learning paths.  


Activities and Play as Education

Having children engage their senses during play strengthens their social skills and problem-solving capabilities. Sand and water play is an ideal introduction to science and math. Through activities in the sandpit and children’s water play tables, they can tell the difference between solids and liquids and develop a basic understanding of mathematical concepts such as volume, shape and size, displacement and density. Building blocks and jigsaw puzzles help toddlers distinguish different shapes and sizes as well as putting things in order. The important thing is to make learning fun and interactive for the children without sticking to traditional methods, such as hours of wrote-based learning

Don’t be afraid to celebrate curiosity. Allow your children to discover the beauty of logic, creativity and active engagement. Through play, inculcate a sense of ability, usefulness and belonging in their environment.

At Play’n’Learn, we want children to become involved learners by providing high quality and development specific resources and furniture to stimulate and motivate young minds. For a more comprehensive look at our early childhood educational resources, contact us today.

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