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How ECE centres must work to meet discerning parents expectations

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 21/11/19, 4:52 PM

Smaller families, better-educated parents and increasing research into the benefits of early years education are all leading to a shift in expectations when it comes to ECE. Increasingly, research is showing that attending a high-quality ECE service can benefit children when it comes to readiness for school.

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20 ways to market your preschool

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 16/09/19, 1:36 PM


When it comes to marketing your preschool, it’s no so different to marketing any other business. Consider this guide a ‘cheat sheet’. A guide with simple and effective ways to market your preschool.

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Can ECE prepare children for careers that don’t exist yet?

Posted by David Witty on 12/08/19, 3:38 PM

Many people don't know what they want to do even until near the end of school. Traditionally students don't experience any form of career development until they are in high school when they are choosing exam subjects. However, more recently, there have been moves in some countries to start talking about careers in primary school. Particularly before children become too set on gender stereotypes.

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Applying the Pikler approach in early years education

Posted by David Witty on 4/07/19, 10:49 AM

An infant lies on the floor, gently rocking from side to side until she eventually succeeds in rolling over onto her tummy. Nearby, another baby is wriggling on his back, slowly making his way towards a toy until he can stretch out and reach to pick it up. 

A third little one is sitting up with a straight back and perfect posture, investigating an object in her hand. A caregiver is busy nearby - she keeps an eye on the infants but does not interfere with their play to assist or correct them.

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Top 3 reasons why childcare centres struggle for enrolments

Posted by Darren Witty on 12/06/19, 9:48 AM

With many families seeking out formal childcare for their children, it may come as a surprise that there are still many centres that struggle with enrolments. If this is you, you are not alone. This article points out the top three reasons why centres struggle to help give you an insight into how you can make some changes.

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