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Hadleigh combines his passion of networking and collaborative problem solving with a strong desire to use his position at Play 'N' Learn to inspire and support educators within the preschool education community. His personal vision of helping others and being a positive and creative force for change, aligns ubiquitously with Play 'N' Learn's value proposition "providing quality education resources and industry leading advice to inspire excellence" With his hope of positively influencing his industry and professional network, Hadleigh makes a point of following thought leaders in a variety of fields, devoting a lot of time to professional development with the goal of awesome customer care in mind! Please feel free to connect with Hadleigh. He would love the opportunity to learn more about what you do, and how he and Play'n'Learn could potentially help you.
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Developing the Complexity of Learning Resources

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 4/08/20 12:00 PM

What is ‘Developing the Complexity of Learning Resources’?

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How ECE centres must work to meet discerning parents expectations

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 21/11/19 4:52 PM

Smaller families, better-educated parents and increasing research into the benefits of early years education are all leading to a shift in expectations when it comes to ECE. Increasingly, research is showing that attending a high-quality ECE service can benefit children when it comes to readiness for school.

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20 ways to market your preschool

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 16/09/19 1:36 PM


When it comes to marketing your preschool, it’s no so different to marketing any other business. Consider this guide a ‘cheat sheet’. A guide with simple and effective ways to market your preschool.

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Current trends shaping Early Childhood Education in New Zealand

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 30/05/19 11:54 AM

From family size to government policy, any number of trends can influence the number of children attending early childhood education, the types of services that thrive and the way centres need to function. New Zealand is always changing, and the early childhood sector must change with it. As a centre owner, understanding these key trends will help you stay relevant to your families and future-proof your business.

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How to become a community focused childcare

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 21/03/19 2:49 PM

The early childhood education sector is booming. Figures show there are currently around 4,500 licensed services across New Zealand with education and care centres making up the majority of that figure. In 2018, the Ministry of Education Annual ECE Census, found that more than 60% of 0-4 year-olds attended a licensed ECE service during the week and the average weekly attendance time tops 21 hours.

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