Hadleigh Witty

Hadleigh combines his passion of networking and collaborative problem solving with a strong desire to use his position at Play 'N' Learn to inspire and support educators within the preschool education community. His personal vision of helping others and being a positive and creative force for change, aligns ubiquitously with Play 'N' Learn's value proposition "providing quality education resources and industry leading advice to inspire excellence" With his hope of positively influencing his industry and professional network, Hadleigh makes a point of following thought leaders in a variety of fields, devoting a lot of time to professional development with the goal of awesome customer care in mind! Please feel free to connect with Hadleigh. He would love the opportunity to learn more about what you do, and how he and Play'n'Learn could potentially help you.
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How to optimise your government funds to keep solid enrolment numbers in your childcare centre

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 14/03/19 1:39 PM

Running an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centre is no different from any other business, except that the social outcomes are typically of enormous value. Money comes in, and money goes out. The key is to keep the former higher than the latter. This involves effective cash flow management.

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Topics: Early Childhood Education Centre, Funding & Budgeting

Autism in children: engaging, settling, and transitions

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 27/02/19 2:58 PM

Finding out about Autism. We often hear that people with autism are described as being “wired” differently. According to Autism New Zealand’s website, autism is a neuro-developmental condition that affects cognitive, sensory, and social processing. It is helpful to remember that, while there are some common traits that you may notice, every child with ASD is unique and different. 

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Topics: Child Development, Neurodiversity

Why your centre needs to teach Carpentry

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 13/03/17 12:50 PM

The amazing benefits of carpentry on a developing child far outweigh the potential for the challenges involved in introducing woodworking to your centre. For children aged 4 and older, carpentry can be taught and safely experimented with, just as in any other area of the classroom.

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Topics: Teaching Philosophies, Early Childhood Education Centre, Child Development