20 ways to market your preschool

Posted by Hadleigh Witty on 16/09/19 1:36 PM
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When it comes to marketing your preschool, it’s no so different to marketing any other business. Consider this guide a ‘cheat sheet’. A guide with simple and effective ways to market your preschool.


  1. ADVERTISE! In the paper, on the radio, on local message boards, on social media, on Google, choose the right mix that works for your audience and budget. Do what you can to get your name out there!

  2. CREATE A WEBSITE - people love to do their own research. A well-designed website that gives people information and testimonials are incredibly useful.

  3. EXPAND YOUR PROGRAM – find out what your community needs and alter your program accordingly.

  4. HOST AN OPEN DAY – let people see what wonderful things go on in your centre! Host an information evening are great ideas to invite parents looking for a childcare.

  5. OFFER INCENTIVES – create family deals and discounts where possible, as well as reducing costs for children that attend longer hours or the whole week.

  6. FUNDRAISE – this is a great way to get your name out into the community and make people aware of the great service you are providing.

  7. WRITE A BLOG – this doesn’t have to be linked to your website (although that is useful). Encourage staff to add their professional insight on matters that you know current and prospective parents will enjoy – food, sleep, play and so on. This showcases your knowledge and passion.

  8. CREATE A SLOGAN – people will remember your tag line. It is useful when advertising, in print or on radio, but is also a great way to highlight your values.

  9. NETWORKING – visit local playgroups to make prospective parents aware of your facility.

  10. VOLUNTEER – find out what events are going on within the community and volunteer. Wear t-shirts with your centre’s name and bring a sign so that people in the community become more aware of your facility.

  11. SOCIAL MEDIA – this is a big one! Social media is fast becoming the most popular and efficient way to advertise. Create a Facebook page or Instagram account and use it to promote both your services as well as your knowledge. Be active with photo and video updates, and make sure you keep an eye on relevant Facebook groups.

  12. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING – Investing on SEM can be quite effective to promote your website. Make sure your website is at the top of the list when someone is "googling" for childcares in their area!

  13. REFERRALS – ask your current clients to refer your centre to their friends or other people they know. Try offering them an incentive such as discount to motivate them.

  14. OFFER TOURS – encourage prospective families to make an appointment to tour your centre. Ensure a member of staff is available to answer any questions and provide further information.

  15. NEWSLETTERS – of course you can write your own newsletter, if you don’t already, but try advertising or writing a short paragraph in the newsletters of local play groups and primary schools.

  16. HOST AN EVENT – Invite the public to a craft day or a storytelling one afternoon or a Saturday morning to promote your centre. Use noticeboards to display information and set up some engaging activities for the little ones.

  17. CUSTOMER SERVICE - Create an awesome first impression – ensure prospective clients leave your centre with positive vibes and the decision to enrol already made!

  18. MARKETING COLLATERAL - Business cards and flyers are easy (and quite cheap) to have made and you are easily getting your name out there.

  19. UNIFORMS – Add to your brand identity and make it recognisable inside and outside of your centre. A uniform can also strengthen team cohesion amongst staff, leading to a happier environment.

  20. WORD OF MOUTH – this is free and easy! Mention your centre anywhere you can and encourage your existing clients to do so as well. The better your service is, the happier your clients will talk about it to others.


After reading this guide, you should no longer be stuck on how to get your preschool out into the public eye! Use a variety of these strategies on a regular basis and marketing your preschool will become easy.


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