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Building sustainability into your daycare centre

Posted by David Witty on 19/03/19 11:38 AM

New Zealand is proud of its clean and green reputation and its outdoor lifestyle. But to keep our environment clean we need to ensure we are building sustainability into our everyday lives and doing our best to live in an environmentally friendly way. 

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How can ECE centres stimulate cross-cultural learning in children?

Posted by David Witty on 27/02/19 4:44 PM

Cultural diversity in New Zealand early childhood facilities have increased dramatically in recent years. Having arrived in Aotearoa at various stages over the past 700 years, and with the number of new immigrants from various origins ever increasing, New Zealand’s population today boasts a varied and vibrant gene pool.

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Top 3 Tips to Introduce Maths to Children

Posted by David Witty on 19/02/19 9:50 AM

Fostering an appreciation for counting at a young age, is a good introduction for toddlers to the concept of numeracy. For very young children, it is important that they have fun exploring maths through everyday activities. But how do we introduce these ideas to toddlers without pressuring them to memorise numbers and do basic math drills?

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Supporting Anxious Children At Childcare Centres

Posted by David Witty on 9/10/18 12:29 PM

This week is Mental Health Awareness week - a good time to plan for mental wellness in our early childhood centres. With our youth struggling increasingly, and at an earlier age, with severe mental health issues, it is important to consider how their early childhood experiences can contribute to a happy outlook on life and help them build resilience and problem solving skills. Untreated anxiety places children at greater risk of poor performance at school, substance abuse and depression during adolescence.

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Topics: Early Childhood Education Centre, Child Development, Neurodiversity

What is Loose Parts Play and how do children benefit from it?

Posted by David Witty on 30/08/18 8:32 AM

Possibly one of the oldest kinds of play in the history of mankind, loose parts play is a spontaneous and creative way in which children engage with their environment. The term “loose parts” was coined by a British architect, Simon Nicholson, to describe materials which are used in an open-ended way. Creativity and discovery, according to Nicholson, depend on the presence of the variables available in the environment.

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